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We offer relocation services for local, regional, statewide and national transfer with short and long term storage availability at any of our warehouses. International moving services are also available through our affiliated carrier, National Van Lines.

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We take pride both in our work, and in our people. From top management to the newest person on the moving crew, Rockey's believes safely and carefully moving your home and family is what ultimately keeps us in business. We are focused on you by focusing on what you hired us to do in the first place. It may be a service to you but it's our livelihood; And we take that very seriously!

Moving military families

Military Moving Services

We are proud to serve the men and women who serve our great country. It is an honor and a privilege we have to be able to move their home and care for their belongings while they protect our country. Many of our team members have served in the military bringing their invaluable experience into our organization.

Additionally, we support our team members that are currently serving or that may be in the reserves by ensuring their job is secure when they return from performing their duties. The Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) sets stringent standards for military consumer satisfaction to which we strictly adhere and operate by. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that the moves we undertake for the military are performed to your expectations and to government regulations.

Military Moves

Every military move begins with a survey of the service member’s home. This is essential to ensure we assess any special move requirements and develop a move plan that delivers their household goods to their new home on time. The next step is for our move team to begin packing all items that include, but are not limited to, fine china, hanging clothes, grandfather clocks, flat screen televisions and building crates for any custom move requirements. Prior to the move we will prep your home to protect your walls, floors and other sensitive areas of your home. On your move day our move manager will introduce the team and make a final walk through to address any changes in the move. Our fleet consists of 25 tractors and trailers that are owned and operated by our company thus guaranteeing quality control from start to finish. We offer door to door direct delivery of every military member’s household goods. If the military member is not able to take their household goods with them then we provide secure storage solutions for an indefinite period.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) & Defense Personal Property Program (DP3)

Rockey's is a leading agent at all levels of the Defense Personal Property Program. Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) are indicative of our success in the DP3 program as each of our locations scores nine or above in CSS feedback. While acceptable, we believe that the satisfaction of our DoD clients needs to be impeccable with each and every move we undertake for military relocation. Therefore, we have instituted a compensation program for our team members that is reflective of the client's satisfaction with our moving service. We undertake military moves one at a time and strive to build upon the successes of prior moves. We have implemented this compensation program to encourage solid service and quality delivery for our military clients. We believe in our mission, our service and we support our troops.